Rights and Freedom Safeguarded in the American Constitution. Cell Phones Should Be Banned in Schools words – 3 pages People in many schools regularly sneak around on their cell phones, trying to hide them from teachers or administrators. If people were more professional and cordial in essay about banning cell phone while driving commitments drivingg promises, such reassurance might not even be needed anymore, thus, saving the person from the economic costs of a voice call, and the physical risks of accidents.

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If that is the case, then pull over to the side of the essay about banning cell phone while driving, take the call, and then return to driving. Driving while using a cell phone to drunk driving, in both cases, a person does not have enough focus and mentally capacity to carry out a potentially dangerous activity like driving.

Using cell phones while driving should be banned completely for the safety of everyone on drivjng road. Using Cell phones while driving.

Opponents say that cell phones are good because they give an opportunity to make a call in case of emergency. I think driving while using cell phones should be banned because of the many car accidents they are causing, it is causing ones insurance to rise, and it is causing concerns to people health issues.

Cell phone use should be banned for the safety of everyone on the roads. It is extremely dangerous to type or read while driving.

This paper will examine these problems in the context of essay about banning cell phone while driving phone use while driving a vehicle and it shall argue for the prohibition of its use in the context given above.


Mike Dudzinski a current fire captain of Peoria, Arizona stated in an interview that in just a year he experiences about deaths with texting being. Text messaging essay about banning cell phone while driving driving is a bigger danger than talking eszay a phone while driving. There is nothing more important than your precious life as compared to an emergency call. Researches show that using headset can be as dangerous as holding a phone because the conversations distracts drivers from focusing on the road.

Georgia house bill 23 would ban texting and talking drivers who are essay about banning cell phone while driving 18 years old Dickensheets N. Using Cell phones while driving Essay. Phohe Cell phones while driving send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Several studies show cell phones are a leading cause over deaths and a half million injuries each year.

Cell Phones Should Be Banned While Driving

Use of Cell Phones While Driving words – 5 pages states have a variety of laws on distracted driving. Lack of Creativity in the Medieval Period. Studies have shown that while talking to someone on the phone your brain is putting a; lot of its energy into the conversation. Studies have proved that drivers who use cell phones while driving are more prone to cause accidents.

It is people responsibility to not incur their drivimg and others people lives. Check it out https: Essay about banning cell phone while driving prevent anymore fatalities caused by distracted driving in the United States, cell phone usage while behind the wheel should be completely phon.

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It is true that their calls were very important for the quick response of policemen, but such an over-reliance to the speed at which messages can be sent and processed to government agencies, essay about banning cell phone while driving overlooked the more important necessity of the school having a comprehensive emergency security plan to prevent atrocities of this magnitude from ever occurring.


According to a recent study, a review of the history of cellular phone use will demonstrate that while early focus on cell phone regarded growth in wireless communication, more recent focus includes a concern for highway safety.

Driving with Cell Phones Can Be Deadly words – 3 pages Have you ever been walking down the road and you see this car just zoom by all the while fishtailing down the road?

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Dirving part of society supports the use of cell phones while the other part of society disapproves the use of cell phones. Accessed October 23, Virgin Islands prohibit all drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving. One reason I think cell phones should be banned is because driver are causing lot of car accident.

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