[Fiber reinforced composite posts: literature review].

Regiew temperature somewhat above room temperature was chosen in order to accelerate the degradation of the GFRP composites. However, taking edge effects into consideration, only three central specimens literature review of glass fiber as A, B, and C were used for testing the tensile properties of the aged GFRP composites.

After 45 days, increases suddenly and continues to do so over time; corrosion becomes dominated by the alkaline ions.

In this equation, is the effect of the total corrosion in alkaline solution, is the effect of water-induced corrosion, and is the effect of alkaline ion-induced corrosion. Literature review of glass fiber addition, GFRP literatkre were fabricated with the prepared 1. This indicates that at early times during the accelerated aging test, the addition of the montmorillonite enhanced the mechanical properties of GFRP and effectively prevented the permeation of water and chemicals.

View at Google Scholar M. One layer of matrix material was poured into a specially designed Teflon mould. FRC Fiber-reinforced composite literature review of glass fiber have been used since the beginning of the 90s with the introduction of carbon fiber posts. The bond strength formed by self-adhesive cements is noticeably lower in comparison to the bond strength formed with resin cements applied in combination with etch-and-rinse adhesives.

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The critical time at which alkaline ions become the major literature review of glass fiber in the degradation of the mechanical properties is delayed, which could explain the overall increase in durability associated with the addition of montmorillonite. Tensile strength and elastic modulus of control GFRP composites with and without clay.


National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. This indicates that the alkaline ions are the dominant cause of degradation literature review of glass fiber the mechanical properties of EP-GFRP, which cannot adequately resist the permeations of alkaline ions. The use of FRC post, combined with proper adhesive cementation technique can give an excellent solution when restoring endodontically treated teeth that are prone to fracture. Over the last three decades, glass fiber-reinforced polymer GFRP composites have attracted much attention as possible steel substitutes, due to their high specific strength and modulus and also low cost [ 2 — 7 ].

Figure 9 shows that the effect of alkaline ions exceeds the effect of the water after 30 days. The silicate layers play a role in developing connections among the glass fibers, or between the glass fibers and the matrix.

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The fracture surfaces and glass fibers were examined by SEM. Please review our privacy policy. Layers of glass fabric were then stacked in the mould with the same fiber orientation and with the matrix resin applied in between until the desired number of plies laid.

Its viscosity, gelation time, and solid content are 0. The experimental results shown in Table 1 refer to the specimens which were not subjected to deterioration tests. Many in vitro and in vivo studies have shown the advantage literature review of glass fiber using FRC over prefabricated and cast metal post especially literatjre in narrow root canals which are prone to vertically root fracture.


literature review of glass fiber The results show that tensile properties of the two types literature review of glass fiber GFRP composites with and without clay degrade significantly with aging time. Sandblasting with alumina particles results in an increased surface roughness and surface area without affecting the integrity of the post as long as it is applied by 50 microm alumina particles at 2.

So the transmissions of tension and shear force occur through the bridges built by the silicate layers of the montmorillonite. Durability of Fibre Reinforced Plasticsvol.

However, the poor durability of GFRP composites in some harsh literatkre, especially alkaline environments in which glass fiber is highly susceptible to damage [ 8 ], has hindered literzture widespread utilization of GFRP as a reinforcing bar in concrete, which is itself alkaline or nature [ 3 ].

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The fracture surfaces of tested tensile specimens were observed with SEM. Add to My Bibliography.

Hence, the influence of corrosion caused by an alkaline solution can be treated as a superposition of water-induced corrosion and the alkaline ion-induced corrosion, as the following equation indicates: To improve the attractiveness of GFRP composites for use in the construction industry, measures should be taken to enhance the durability of GFRP composites.

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