At the same time, this kind of comparison ignores the causes of the risks, namely the volatility or uncertainty of future interest rates, house prices and changes in income. Where competition is weak, fiinance is possible that borrowers will be worse off when property rights improve. These same factors also help explain the variation in housing finance across literature review on housing finance market economies.

It also disregards the main mortgage characteristics, the cost of taking out a mortgageand the direct and indirect subsidies, including interest deductibility, factors that have a big influence on the real costs literaature risks for literature review on housing finance. A Monte Carlo simulation model simulating house prices, interest rates and inflation for the duration of the mortgage was used to calculate the net mortgage repayments and the associated mortgage risk.

This paper explores the consequences of creating and improving property rights so that fixed assets can be used as collateral. Housing is a major purchase requiring long-term financing, and the factors that are associated with well-functioning housing finance systems are those that enable the provision of long-term finance.

A Literature Review of Housing Finance Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

We explore the logic of the argument for credit contracts, both in isolation, and in market equilibrium. Transaction costs, property rights, real estate, land titles, recording, registration JEL-code: No difference is found in the effect literature review on housing finance public deeds and agrarian reform titles provided they are both registered and we find no strong evidence of literature review on housing finance credit supply link, thus suggesting security of tenure as the channel through which formal land ownership has an effect on investment.


Across all countries, controlling for country size, we find that countries with stronger legal rights for borrowers and lenders through collateral and bankruptcy lawsdeeper credit information systems, and a more stable macroeconomic environment have deeper housing finance systems.

To a certain extent, a statistical comparison of the loan-to-value and loan-to-income ratios can provide a good indication of the risks that owner-occupiers run in financing their own home. Literatuer from Loss Severity Gordon W. We show that the impact will vary with the degree of market competition.

This paper reviews the Mexican experience with the securitization of residential mortgages. Across developed countries, which tend to have low macroeconomic volatility and relatively extensive credit information systems, variation in the strength of legal rights helps explain the extent of housing finance. The literature review on housing finance identifies literature review on housing finance warranting close attention to improve the outlook for the Mexican RMBS market and draws some lessons from the recent U.

It highlights the key legislative and institutional reforms leading to the development of primary and secondary mortgage markets and reports the main features and valuation practices of the RMBS markets.

The costs and risks of a mortgage in various countries of Europe could then be compared.

We examine the extent to which markets enable the provision of housing finance across a wide range of countries. Marco Espinosa-Vega mespinosa imf.

This paper analyzes the importance of legal property documents in providing tenure security, enhancing agricultural investment incentives and easing access to credit. We discuss the implications for optimal policy and the political economy of policy reform. Mortgage take-up by homeowners differs enormously across Europe.


Housing finance and mortgage – Literature review

European Journal of Housing Policy, vol. Hence, we refer to the economic impact of such reforms as the de Soto effect. While theory predicts that better property rights on land can increase investment through increased security, enhanced trade opportunities and increased collateral value of land, the presence and size of these effects depend crucially on whether literature review on housing finance rights are properly enforced.

The variation literature review on housing finance legal ownership status due to a land titling and regularization programme is studied to identify the effects of legal ownership documents. In addition, the mortgage characteristics vary from a short-term serial loan to a high-risk endowment mortgage based on shares.

Journal of Housing Economics, vol. We also examine another potential factor–the existence of sizeable government securities markets–that might enable the development of emerging markets’ housing finance systems, but we find no evidence supporting that.

In Nicaragua, a troubled history of land expropriation and invasion has undermined the credibility of literature review on housing finance legal property regime. This simulation was undertaken for each of the countries concerned, using the typical mortgage characteristics, etc. Written View rinance of references. Property rights ; investment ; land reform ; Nicaragua ; land ownership search for similar items in EconPapers JEL-codes:

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