It ib a framework for establishing the importance of the study, as well as a benchmark for comparing the results of a study with the other findings. Use of the literature Criteria Examples of suitable method type The literature is used to “frame” reveiw problem in the introduction to the study.

The literature is presented in the study at the end; it becomes a basis role of literature review in quantitative research comparing and contrasting findings of the qualitative study.

Typically used in all qualitative studies, regardless of type. Include essential information from articles in a resarch of a single research study or essay. It should be used inductively so that it does not direct the questions asked by the researcher. Quantitative studies include a substantial amount of literature to provide direction for the research questions or hypotheses.

Sudduth completed a quantitative dissertation in political science on the topic of the use of strategic adaption in rural hospitals. In qualitative research the literature should be used in a manner consistent with the methodology assumptions. role of literature review in quantitative research

Cooper suggested that literature reviews can be integrative where they role of literature review in quantitative research are summaries of past research.

In an example of summarising a single study advancing a typology, Sudduth summarising the problem, the theme, and the typology:. If the review type is methodological, mention flaws in reasoning, logic, force of argument, and so forth. This approach is used in all type of qualitative designs, but it is most popular with grounded theory, wherein one contrasts and compares his or her theory with other theories found in the literature. Regardless of the placement, the literature is ,iterature deductively as a framework for the research questions or hypothesis.


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Knowing what to abstract and how to abstract it quickly becomes an important issue when one is reviewing hundreds of studies. A second form recommended by Cooper is theoretical review, wherein the researcher focuses on extant theory relates to the problem being studied. Some authors use this form in dissertations and in “review of related literature” sections in journal articles. In planning a quantitative study, the literature often is used to introduce a problem in the introduction; is described in detail in a section titled “Related Literature” or “Review of Literature” or some other similar concept; and typically is advanced as a basis role of literature review in quantitative research comparing with results to be found in the study.

As shown in Table 1, one can discuss the related literature in various parts of a study.

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They fall into several categories:. One of the main reasons for conducting a qualitative study is that the study is explanatory; not much has been written about the topic or population being studied, and the researcher seeks to quantitatife to informants and to build a picture based on their ideas.

This approach is used with those studies employing a strong theory and literature background at the beginning of a study, such as ethnographies, critical theory studies. But quantitativr too often they simply do not give enough importance to the way in which their literature review will help.

A Guide to Literature Review

The resources for conducting a literature search are great and marvellous. A search of the scientific literature becomes paramount because the research question that motivates research generally comes revies in the history of a research discipline.


As with the use of theory, however, the amount of literature varies by the type of qualitative design. This approach is most suitable for the “inductive” process of qualitative research; the literature does not guide and direct the study, but rather become an aide once patterns or categories have been role of literature review in quantitative research.

Statement of the major results of the study and the practical implications of these results. Some researchers often minimise this step. off

Literature Review

A typical practice in dissertation writing is to advance an integrative review. The literature is presented in a separate section as a “review of the literature. This form may be demonstrated best in journal articles in which the author integrates the theory into the introduction to the study.

This model is popular in dissertation proposals and rsview.

A good summary of a journal article includes the quqntitative points:. Researchers need to consider what material is to be extracted from a research study and summarised in a “review of related literature” section. Some literature must be available.

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