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Even now that the Great Recession has stabilized, questionable practices continue. Training is concerned with the meeting between two inputs to organizational effectiveness, that is, people and technology. It was the only merger between nationalized banks and resulted in the reduction of the number of nationalized banks from 20 to It can be used to book tickets, pay bills, check bank accounts, open Short essay on future of banking industry, credit cards and make fund transfers, view credit card statements, transfer money to linked accounts.

One is shadow banking. The stated reason for the nationalization was to give the government more control of credit delivery.

These are unregulated institutions, which borrow and lend money. Training now a day has started becoming professionalized and with it come the systematic body of knowledge, skills, and attitude for development of human beings.

Nationalization of SBI subsidiaries Training and development has grown concerned not only with helping individuals to adequately fill their positions, but also with helping whole organizations and sub departments grow and develop.

‘A New Era in Banking’: The Future of Financial Services

During the first phase, the growth was very slow and banks also experienced periodic failures between and Gross Domestic Product for a year. Kn without ways in which to develop new methods to regulate the system, we will always be at risk of loss, while institutions short essay on future of banking industry.

Training is a process of learning a sequence of programmed behaviour. The risk has multiplied. The large state owned and private sector banks that form part of the scheduled commercial banks are the most visible representatives of the abnking system. The list of 14 banks nationalized in was. Knowledge Wharton also recently had an opportunity to speak with Guillen and Moreno about their new book.


It gives people an awareness of the rules and procedures to guide their behaviour. Inseven subsidiary banks of the State Bank of India were nationalized as a major process of nationalization due to the effort of then Prime Minister Mrs.

Nationalization, for instance, was a structural change esay the functioning of commercial banks which was considered essential to better serve the needs of development of the economy in conformity with national policy and objectives.

The purpose of training is to improve knowledge, skills and attitude.

Future of Banking in India – Changing Imperatives

It is a wallet, a virtual place to store money. In the same way, needs signify short essay on future of banking industry over abundance of success when our current achievements surpass our desired accomplishments, thereby possibly suggesting an excess of resources going toward the results. The authors offer a long and useful list of fssay in which banks and institutions in developed countries futurw evolve, including instituting policies that can potentially rebuild customer loyalty and trust, creating stakeholder systems, increasing corporate transparency and, for big banks especially, building comprehensive corporate governance systems.

Peer Evaluation is a process in which staff members use their own direct knowledge and experience to examine and judge the merit and value of another member in the organization. It is important that you neither write less, nor exceed the word limit.


And this short essay on future of banking industry well include not only imparting specific skills and knowledge but also inculcating some personality and mental attitudes. The government took major steps in the Indian Banking Sector Reforms after independence. Some of the characteristics of a training policy are: Similarly to meet the major objectives of banking sector reforms, government stake was reduced to 51 percent in public sector banks.

Thus, the purpose of education is to develop individuals. The PSBs are of course currently working out challenging strategies even as 20 percent of their massive employee strength has dwindled in the wake of the successful Voluntary Retirement Schemes VRS schemes.

Creation of regional rural banks It is important that in a service industry like banking, suitable training policies are developed for the better functioning of the system.

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