This is one reason why innovators kept on working on things more and more because they know technology can be improved. Technology is also important to me for enjoyment purposes. We have tried to focus on some of the main areas but still there are more to count.

Scientists also try to discover different kinds of medicines and supplements that can help our body fight diseases.

Radio, telephone, satellite communication, cellular technology, wireless Internet … in the modern day two people can chat the importance of technology in my life essay a help of computer when they’re in different places. November 15, at 9: Traditionally, most of the businesses were based etchnology human technologt but technology has reduced human work and replaced with the machines, so one can start his or her business at a faster rate.

This is what our lives are all about now, full of technology and modern ways. Thus ,making the consumer to have an ease at its consumption and also in saving a lot of productive time.

Online education has set in, making it possible to render knowledge to students inhabiting remote locations technologt Earth. If we use the technological inventions only for the importance of technology in my life essay use, it will make our world so much better.

Many people criticize technology for its negative impact. Remember that the learning capabilities of people vary from audio to visual. We live in an information society where the leading role has been techno,ogy to new technologies, especially those devoted to information.


Technology is an integral and important part of my life. Millennials be like xD…. I am in the net generation and i love living on it.

Personally, I do not think so; on the contary, I believe people living in the contemporary era are more independent than any time ever before. Cars in early days were very basic, slow and insufficient but they kept on improving the technology and look where we have reached, and this is not the end.

The role of technology in our lives today: have we become too dependent

April 24, at 1: With the Introduction of mobile, electronic gadgets, and laptops, it is quite easier to gather information about anything. It has made living easier but dependable as well. As a senior high student, its really my experience,that technology became my partner in every ways such as making my researchs on my phone, having my report in a power point and also surfing internet. Another biggest benefits of modern technology is that human health have improved because of its application.


The Importance of Technology in My Life

importanve Therefore, let the technology work for the benefit of all. With so many medicines that we have right now, treatment of diseases is easier. Then I bought ,y and got an internet connection. Netbanking, debit card, credit card, e-payments, mutual funds, Insurance policies, etc are all part of technology game. Unless otherwise stated, the content of the importance of technology in my life essay page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.


Nowadays machines have begun executing laborious, repetitive tasks. October 14, at Technology has evolved to a considerable level over a period of time.

Web designing, web development, digital marketing, content writing, and much more are all one or the other formations of technology.

The role of technology in our lives today: have we become too dependent

August 28, at 2: So to a certain extent, we can safely draw the conclusion that we are more dependent on technology than any time ever before. No one want that tech bring bad things in the world.

Our society is constantly changing.

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